The experience begins as your patient/ guest first arrives at your clinic and is carried throughout the facility.

We work to create a space that truly reinforces their brand and reflects their corporate mission and core values—from the big-picture layout and aesthetic down to the smallest decorative details. Every elements helps to immerse employees, customers and guests.

By making your space more memorable, branded environments help sell or promote your products or services. Organizations spend many hours and dollars on so many different kinds of advertising but too often neglect in-person opportunities to maintain and grow a positive reputation.

Why leave your clinics with blank walls and bland spaces? Why miss the chance to reinforce your brand to visitors and employees in the waiting rooms or treatment rooms? Why not tell the story of your organization with design and aesthetics while generating the same connection created from other branded touchpoints and forms of communication?

Introducing inspiring and energizing visuals that communicate your brand helps staff to feel that they are part of a meaningful business.

Branded Environments in our organisation at Protocon, we work hard every day to elevate space and place for our clients using design. Achieving success means working seamlessly across markets and disciplines, as the work of our architects, interiors designers, engineers, planners and marketing teams they all play an important role in creating a positive, memorable experience in any type of space.

Done the right way, branded environments can tell your story, communicate your company’s DNA and help sell and promote your products and image to both customers and staff. Creating an impactful branded experience is why branded environments matter.