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Your branding goes far deeper than your corporate logo – it’s the first visual experience that your patients have of your business so you want to make sure that you create a memorable first impression.



A  firm of engineers, architects, planners, interior designers and marketing specialists focused on the health care industry.


Your brand is as unique as you are and needs to create a niche in the marketplace that only you can fill. Our experience in the creative design and development of branding solutions for corporate and healthcare professionals. Our clients appreciate the fact that our speciality is the health industry, and we understand of what it takes to promote and manage a practice.


Our approach is truly holistic, comprehensive and integrated. We balance your strategy with implementation, and look at all aspects of your practice.


We have many effective tools, tips and techniques to help you successfully optimise and get the best out of your practice so that you can best service your patients.


Because our speciality is the health industry, we bring you valuable insights, tools, strategies and medical marketing.

Our creative design team will custom create a brand strategy that can include:

  • Business name creation and development
  • Medical system integration
  • Medical marketing promotions and packages
  • Digital marketing solutions
  • Business and Marketing plan
  • Brand logo design including Style Guide
  • Unique selling proposition (USP) and positioning
  • Stationery, brochure and marketing collateral design and print management
  • Website design and build
  • Building and reception signage and vehicle delivery
  • Point of sale promotion
  • Online and offline marketing campaigns
  • Advertising for print, radio, television and outdoor


Our success is based on a commitment to excellence, combined with years of experience. We have a clear understanding of what is required in making a practice appealing, profitable, efficient and relaxing.


We believe it takes a specialist to do a specialized job such as medical marketing. Because of our unique experience and expertise, we understand the ins and outs of medical practices of all sizes. We know how to develop relationships with other physicians, how to make patients feel positive about their doctors, and how to proactively position a practice within the overall community.


We provide recommendations to enhance your practice’s performance and streamline operations to become more profitable and efficient.

The Business and Management Guidance service will:

  • Assess practice strengths and opportunities.
  • Provide recommendations to enhance your business.
  • Explore practice growth opportunities and the addition of other specialists and testing services.
  • Establish operating procedures and policies.
  • Analyze practice and patient growth opportunities.
  • Capitalize on your unique medical interests and skills in your area of expertise or sub-specialty.

What Our Clients Say

“Protocon has been critical in the growth of our marketing capabilities, especially in a part of our business where we are establishing a new brand. I found the team very knowledgeable and I loved their approach.”


“Their understanding of our business and the marketplace, balancing a strong fact base with creativity and judgement resulted in recommendations to help fuel our business and aligned our organisation towards sustainable growth.”


“I think very highly of Protocon. The relationship I have with them is probably the best relationship I have ever had with an external advisor and external partner. You understand the issue of brand and the importance of putting the customer at the centre. And you don’t just say it, you actually understand it and ow everything connects to deliver on the promise and results.”


A  firm of engineers, architects, planners, interior designers and marketing specialists focused on the health care industry.

Your health care business success will depend on the prompt, effective promotion and education of referrers and patients.

Finance Available

Finance your practice renovation or build a new clinic. Up to 100% clinic construction finance available. Loan terms up to 15 years, payable any time with no penalties. Available as unsecured or fully secured (which determines rate). Competitive rates that are priced according to the client.

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