We have a team of specialist architects who can design the perfect building for your business. Our experienced architectural team will take your ideas and develop a building that accentuates your personal vision and aesthetics.


Medical & Dental Practice Architects

From Concept to Completion

Helping you transition from concept to atmosphere to impression. The Protocon team of medical and dental clinic architects are some of the most knowledgeable in their fields, blending a deep understanding of proper building practices with an intuitive eye for beauty and elegance. The end result is a workspace that’s as practical as it is attractive, bringing together the features and conveniences a modern, high-tech clinic needs and combining them with a clean, effortless image that puts clients and patients at ease.


Building Perfection With Surgical Precision

From the earliest stages, we work closely with you and other stakeholders to fully understand the needs and goals of your organisation. Even at the first drawing, we are designing with the experience of the patient and the practitioner in mind, ensuring that the former is comforted whilst the latter has everything they require to do their work efficiently. Allow us to help enhance the capabilities and the functionality of your medical or dental clinic and start a conversation with a Protocon consultant today.

Designing a healthcare compliant facility presents particular challenges. As health care facility specialists, we are fully conversant in all relevant building compliance and regulations at the local and national level, ensuring that your new building will be approved for practice without costly and unnecessary delay.


A deep knowledge of medical clinic architecture

Our team of architects have spent years designing successful clinics and the buildings that support them. We have a refined understanding of how everything must work together to make an exceptional facility.

Discuss your needs with us and find out why so many healthcare professionals choose Protocon as their architect. Call us on 0429 322 790 to speak directly to one of our team members, or send us your questions via email at or through our contact page and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


Protocon has a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Specialists in Medical Office building and Clinic Design

There are three primary elements of consideration when it come to the design of an outpatient care facility: flow, focus and encounter.

The flow of patients, family, staff, information, equipment, supplies and medication must be carefully considered. The separation or re-combination of these flows can do much to create a sense of calm and reduce the chaos and turbulence that is often found in outpatient settings.

Focus has to do with the careful, thoughtful nature of clinical work. Creating work areas that are separated from patient flow improves the quality of work and reduces stress on medical staff.

Encounters between patients and medical staff must be carefully designed to enhance privacy, communication and personal connection. These elements, when thoughtfully considered result in a building that must be designed from the inside-out.

The architecture of a Centre must allow for large, open spaces that are not encumbered by stairs, elevators, mechanical shafts, shear walls and other building components.

What Our Clients Say

“From the very beginning the team at Protocon listened and took all of our concerns into consideration and before we knew it we could see our ideas evolve on paper and into reality.


Specialising in medical facilities our team covering architecture, engineering, planning and industrial design in the healthcare sector, we breathe life into buildings through beautiful form and function.