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A Successful Approach

Protocon is the leading branding and marketing Medical firm for professional services. Our ongoing research into high-growth firms is changing the way firms go to market. Our services include everything a firm needs to become [...]

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Process mapping simplifies healthcare design

Charting procedures and highlighting improvement opportunities can lead to developing effective design strategy simulations. Healthcare design is a complicated, iterative process of back-and-forth communication between stakeholders and the design team. The first step is understanding [...]

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The patient experience

The experience begins as your patient/ guest first arrives at your clinic and is carried throughout the facility. We work to create a space that truly reinforces their brand and reflects their corporate mission and [...]

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Incorporating Artwork and Building Design

With many renovations, art can be a construction-phase afterthought. Art is a powerful tool that inspires well-being and helps improve patient experiences. Recently, we are seeing a common trend when art is integrated into the [...]

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Health Clinic Renovations will Improve Your Practice Experience – Christmas Renovations

Health clinic renovations to improve patient experience Several renovations will take place throughout the next few months over this summer period to improve the patient experience. Once the renovations are completed, patients will notice a [...]

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