With many renovations, art can be a construction-phase afterthought. Art is a powerful tool that inspires well-being and helps improve patient experiences.

Recently, we are seeing a common trend when art is integrated into the earliest stages of planning,our interior designers take an active, collaborative approach to move it far beyond the confines of a frame.

Developing a clear Aesthetic concept, our team of interior designers and our art consultants have the advantage of working together drawing inspiration, our team can develop a clear aesthetic concept for the medical center’s and specialist clinics interiors.

In keeping with the buildings façade and or contemporary feel of the building, color photography can also be selected as artwork.

To maximize impact, the images can be printed onto wood, metal and acrylic, and organized into large-scale collages, which created pleasing groupings and combined the various textures of substrates. This creative approach to the artwork harmonized with the overall interior design aesthetic as well as the architecture and furnishings.

An inside outside approach, our architects and interior designers like to be unique with each design and work where possible to bring the inside-outside approach during the early stages of planning, with both disciplines working in tandem to ensure the exterior and interior of the building can be perceived as one expression.

Another opportunity is where our interiors team chose to create color that would be visible from the exterior at night enhanced with the correct lighting.