Health clinic renovations to improve patient experience

Several renovations will take place throughout the next few months over this summer period to improve the patient experience.

Once the renovations are completed, patients will notice a huge difference in their visits and all renovations should benefit not only for your patients but for staff as well.

We want you to have a positive experience here’s some renovations to consider:

Reception Makeovers

Updating: Reception desks, painting, seating, lighting, floor coverings, digital display advertising, brochure racks, refreshment area and more

Consulting rooms

Updating: Joinery, floor coverings, work stations, beddings and more

External – Façade upgrades

Updating: Signage, façade, external hard and soft landscaping, car parking upgrades and more

Practice extensions:

Maximise and capitalise on your land capabilities by extending and adding additional consult rooms and facilities

While your patients health care needs should not be interrupted during this process, we would work around your requirements to provide minimal (if any down time)

Our team of specialist consultants will embrace your ideas, facility and budget requirements to create a professional, modern and unique space that creates the perfect synergy between practitioner and patient.

We understand the specific needs of practice managers, and will work with you to develop a space that supports your work, allowing you and your team to deliver the highest standard of care to the broadest number of people.

Leveraging the latest design and building techniques, we’ll ensure that your new dental or medical clinic offers you the strongest possible foundation on which to build a successful and supporting business.
Discuss your requirements with a Protocon consultant today.

Like the building blocks of any project, our staff will work alongside yourself, clearly outlining the step by step process and sequence of what is required to achieve the end result.

The end result being that Practice success come directly from design functionality. Our projects are the ideal combination of medical function, comfort and professionalism, all completed within your timeframe and budget. Our practice builders understand the impact that design, layout and ambience have on your clients wellbeing, and make it a crucial part of every project.

Protocon Medical & Dental will be available post occupancy to offer support not only for the building but the essential marketing and business development phases. We don’t walk away when you get the keys to the clinic.

We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

Protocon has a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of medical design.