Incorporating Artwork and Building Design

With many renovations, art can be a construction-phase afterthought. Art is a powerful tool that inspires well-being and helps improve patient experiences. Recently, we are seeing a common trend when art is integrated into the earliest stages of planning,our interior designers take an active, collaborative approach to move it far beyond the confines of a [...]

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There’s an Undersupply of Dentists and an Unmet Need

Here's a reason to smile. Despite recent coverage of many new dentists entering the market, there is still unmet demand. “You could easily say there’s an undersupply of dentists and an unmet need.” And regardless if your practice is new or existing, the more it’s structured correctly, the better your chances are of succeeding. “Don’t [...]

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Every Practice Can Be Improved

Here are several ways, both large and small, that you might go about improving things. The greater the market pressure on your practice, the more important practice improvement becomes. You need to know your practice at least well enough to know whether it is well managed. The watchword is efficiency. Make sure that systems work [...]

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Practitioner to Business Owner

You’ve got experience under your belt and ready to go from ‘practitioner’ to ‘business owner’ – but do you buy an existing practice or start from scratch? Doctors can spend years studying in the field of health, but can often leave little time to develop the skill set required to successfully run their own business. [...]

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Our Tips for Setting Up a New Medical Practice

Make sure the premises are approved for use as a medical practice. For the fit-out, organise an appointment with our team who knows and understands what a practice needs and will provide a comprehensive design and quote. Choose a building with easy access and parking. Remember the importance of ‘location, location, location’. Develop a business [...]

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