Here’s a reason to smile.

Despite recent coverage of many new dentists entering the market, there is still unmet demand.

“You could easily say there’s an undersupply of dentists and an unmet need.”

And regardless if your practice is new or existing, the more it’s structured correctly, the better your chances are of succeeding. “Don’t skimp on the sound analysis and advice, because you’re making choices and decisions you’ll have to live with as a business owner over a long period of time:,

It’s a strong industry and people who are successful have very prosperous careers.

Today’s health care system has your practice in a financial vise, and with every turn of the handle, the growing pressure makes practice efficiency that much more valuable — and inefficiency that much more painful.

Poor management practices that would have gone unpunished in the looser market of even a few years ago now cut right into your bottom line. More, they can cause staff, payer, patient and physician dissatisfaction. They can force you into a reactive posture and deprive you of autonomy. That’s the bad news. The good news is the other side of the same coin: Anything you can do to improve the way your practice runs, however small, can help you breathe easier under the pressure — and retain or regain a measure of control.