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A Successful Approach

Protocon is the leading branding and marketing Medical firm for professional services. Our ongoing research into high-growth firms is changing the way firms go to market. Our services include everything a firm needs to become [...]

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Website Design Trends for 2018

A website that’s behind the times is hurting your business. As specialists in the industry we are seeing a lot of clients working with websites that are 4–5 years old. What was once cutting edge [...]

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Process mapping simplifies healthcare design

Charting procedures and highlighting improvement opportunities can lead to developing effective design strategy simulations. Healthcare design is a complicated, iterative process of back-and-forth communication between stakeholders and the design team. The first step is understanding [...]

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The patient experience

The experience begins as your patient/ guest first arrives at your clinic and is carried throughout the facility. We work to create a space that truly reinforces their brand and reflects their corporate mission and [...]

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Why corporate branded environments matter

A branded environment has the potential to create a long-lasting impression for your intended audiences What is a brand? In our opinion, one of the best definitions is: a collection of perceptions and emotions in [...]

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Incorporating Artwork and Building Design

With many renovations, art can be a construction-phase afterthought. Art is a powerful tool that inspires well-being and helps improve patient experiences. Recently, we are seeing a common trend when art is integrated into the [...]

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